What to Take Note of As You Design Your Banner

You may think that designing a banner is something simple. Technically, it can be easy, especially with the existing technology. However, there are a lot of considerations that you have to put as you make your design so that you can come up with a banner that not only comes in high quality but also holds the ability to perform its intended purpose to the fullest.

Designing a banner that is effective and interesting or eye-catching is especially important since it is an advertising tool that should at the very least be able to do those things.

Here are the few things you have to remember and consider as you design your banner for advertising.

1. Size of the banner

Considering the size of the banner you want to design before actually going into the process is very important. You have to check with the chosen printing service about the available banner sizes and choose one. Then, after getting this information, you can make sure that you design with the right dimension as you use the designing software to create your banner design. This way, you can design in accurate size and have it printed in high quality.

2. Keep the design simple

Advertising and marketing with banner need to be able to convey the key information in a quick and effective way toward the target audience. That’s why the design and other elements included in it should be kept simple so that people will be able to read and understand your banner properly.

Remember not to put too many texts or images or other decorative elements. You also have to choose fonts that are easy to read, which are simple fonts. Make sure that the size of the font stands out, especially when it comes to the headline or important part of the banner.

3. Choose high-quality image

To make a banner look more interesting, surely people try to incorporate at least one image into the design. However, many of them forgot to make sure that the pictures they used were of high quality or not. When the banners were printed, the results didn’t come up as expected. Too avoid this, make sure that you find images of at least 300 dpi so that it will still appear neat upon printing; sharp and crisp, as well as not stretched at all. One bad picture can ruin the better part of the design, so never forget to check the image quality.

4. Color process

As you design, check whether you are designing in RGB colors. If yes, you might really want to change it to CMYK, because the printer inks use the CMYK colors to produce color. If you design in RGB and print in CMYK, there will be inaccuracies when it comes to the color. So, make sure that the designing software or app uses the same color processing as the printer. On the contrary, if you design and print with CMYK colors, then you are less likely to experience inaccuracies in the Singapore banner printing results.