What are the Different Types of Acne Scar and Treatment?

Most people still deal with the long-term outcomes of pimples even after puberty becomes a thing of the past for them. Your overall look and self-belief can be diminished by scars from acne and other sources. Currently, there is a myriad of techniques and acne treatments that can refine the look of acne scars/scars from other sources and enhance self-esteem.

The selection of technique or combination acne scar treatment is based on several factors which include the patient’s medical history, type of scarring and proficiency of the physician, including the equipment available to him.

Scar Revision

Nearly all blemishes can get better with contemporary interventions. These interventions consist of laser therapy, surgical revision and excision, intralesional injections and topical creams. A combination method is usually recommended for most clients.

Some blemishes will not change strikingly with intervention, but we liaise with you to elucidate the possible advantages and probable risks of treatment.

Our capacity to enhance the appearance of scars has markedly increased with the emergence of novel lasers, such as pico lasers and micro needling. Very little follow up care is necessary for these acne scar treatments and they repeatedly bring about striking outcomes.

Acne scars have several distinct kinds of which boxcar scars, ice pick scars and rolling scars make the list.

For optimum benefits, a lot of clients require a blend of treatments, including laser resurfacing, determined by the kind of scarring.

Boxcar Scars

These kinds of scars are rectangular in shape or distinctly marked off. Scars on the surface can be enhanced with laser skin surfacing, either fractionated or traditional.

Surgical removal may be the best intervention for deeper scars. Remarkable effects can be gotten from excision with stitches combined with treatment by one of the many laser devices within reach.

Fractionated devices (such as pico laser or micro needling), frequently produce great results on this type of scarring.

Ice pick scars

Ice pick scars are characterized by deep pitting. The best approaches to tackle these small, pitted scars are surgical removal or focal chemical peel treatments. A single session of surgical removal can eliminate as many as 15 to 20 scars.

A follow up pimple scar treatment of skin resurfacing using one of the different kinds of lasers is usually beneficial for most patients. Laser surgery is performed four to six weeks after surgery most of the time.

Our cosmetic surgeons carry out surgical excision of the scars as soon as laser resurfacing is done in some cases. Often, patients notice an enhancement in four to six weeks.

Rolling Scars

Rolling scars can be identified by their undulating look on the skin. Soft tissue fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane which can enhance their appearance, are the best treatments for them.

A mixture of fillers and other aesthetic procedures, like undermining the scar with a tiny blade or needle can be used. This process is known as subcision.

Subcision is frequently used beneath deep lines on the face in the nasolabial folds and below depressed scars, flaps or grafts. To learn more about acne scars, please visit https://ensoulclinic.com/