From Body Sculpting to Cellulite Issue: What Fat Removal at Ensoul Can Do For Your Body

The journey to sustainable fat loss is a long and winding road. The hope for the desired physique begins to diminish with every fruitless diet and workout.

At Ensoul Body Medical Clinic, we understand the struggle of trying to get rid of stubborn fat. We aim to deliver solutions that marry art and science to help you achieve your desired body goals. Ensoul Body Medical Clinic was founded on the passion for providing individualized solutions to contour the physique and eliminate stubborn body fat.

Led by our founder and Medical Director, Dr. Kenneth Thean, who also leads the established medical aesthetic clinic, Ensoul Medical Clinic, his vision for excellence is as deeply rooted in Ensoul Body Medical Clinic. Together with Joo Heng, Master Body Sculptor of Ensoul Body Medical Clinic, this same vision continues to be upheld and at the center of everything that we do.

Joo Heng, Master Body Sculptor of Ensoul Body Sculpting Clinic, is a certified CoolSculpting® and SculpSure® master practitioner and has immersed herself in the body sculpting field. Equipped with extensive training from the principle headquarters of CoolSculpting® and CynoSure®, her mastered craft for body contouring and attention to detail creates an exceptional experience for our patients.

Joo has also been an integral part of Ensoul Group since day one. With her professionalism and ability to connect with clients in an objective and honest manner, she has been deeply valued and appreciated by our patients.

With her wealth of knowledge about body sculpting, passion, and a keen eye for detail, Joo brings something different to the table with every unique individual that walks through our doors. She understands that every individual is different, is meticulous in crafting each tailored plan, and ensures that she is there every step of the way with her patients. She takes pride in assessing patients to ensure that each patient obtains optimal results while maintaining high standards of patient care and experience.

Our vision for excellence and high standard for patient care can be observed in every aspect from the dedicated and private body assessment rooms to our body treatment room that comes equipped with an adjustable TEMPUR® bed as well as Netflix entertainment that our patients can enjoy while doing their body treatments.

At Ensoul Body Contouring Clinic, the connection between our patients, doctors, and therapists is the cornerstone of our practice. We strive for results that are founded on a relationship of trust, transparency, and providers who truly listen to their patients.

Your safety is paramount to us. At Ensoul Body Contouring Clinic, all treatments are non-invasive, FDA-approved, safe, and clinically proven to reveal a more confident you.

The Ensoul experience is a warm, approachable, and collaborative one. We understand that you are uniquely you and are dedicated to providing safe, individualized, and effective results so that our patients leave our facility feeling confident in themselves. You can visit Ensoul Body Sculpting Clinic at