Advantages of a Common Seal and How to Get one

A common seal is an item that is small and getting more often forgotten in a company. Not only because of its size, but also because of the law that regulates the uses of a common seal.

In the past, a common seal must be used in order for a company to authorize and issue a document. Now, a common seal is no longer needed. The action of document authorization can be done by signing the document, done by the company director.

However, this doesn’t mean that a common seal has completely lost its purpose and value. Here are some of the advantages of having a common seal and why is it still worth owning.

1. International business

Some countries still see a common seal as a mandatory requirement in authorizing documents. If you are working with one of the countries that still need a common seal, you will need it so that you can have your documents authorized legally and properly according to the laws and courts in the country. You should always be prepared, thus having a common seal in anticipation of this event brings no harm.

2. Increases professionality

Although it is not mandatory, it is very nice when someone does put the company’s logo with a company seal. It makes the document feels more proper and formal, turning the image of the company who issues the document to be more professional.

3. Substitution

A common seal can be useful and a signature substitution under certain circumstances, specifically the significance of the company director upon their command. Perhaps a company director is not present in the office and cannot be there to authorize an urgent document. In this case, the company director can let the secretary know that his signature is represented by the common seal.

4.Ensures authenticity

By using a company seal from a good supplier every time a document Is authorized to be issued, you can ensure the authenticity of it. The recipient of the document can also feel more reassured whenever they get a document from your company with the company logo because they can be certain that it is not fake. Of course, the signature of the company director is also still needed. The common seal only empowers it further.

How to get a common seal?

After registering your company and acquiring a registration date, you can try finding a seal manufacturer or a printing service that is available for common seal making. You can choose the existing design template or submit a design of your own, making sure that there is the company name and company registration date included to be engraved as the common seal. Then, after everything is settled, the manufacturer will process it for you.

It usually takes several working days to complete, however, there are also some places that can get the work done within 24 hours with extra cost to pay, of course.

In choosing the manufacturer for the seal, you must be careful. Make sure that it can produce the best quality seal and make sure that you compare the price with other places so that you can get the best price with the best quality.