4 Things to Avoid in Making A Greeting Card

Greeting cards are a medium for conveying information that you should use. Besides being practically made, it also saves time. Especially if you are on a tight schedule. You can make it in greeting card printing in Singapore. Here are things you need to avoid if you want to make a greeting card. 

1. Clutter the Design 

One of the things you need to prepare is what design you will use on your greeting card. The design you choose may come from several design options available. You need to pay attention that the design you choose needs to match the content that you will put on the greeting card. For example, if you want to say a happy birthday through a greeting card, then you need to choose a birthday-themed design too. Likewise, with various other occasions which also adjust. You would be better off choosing a simple design first to know the placement of the words you will write. That way, you will be flexible to choose a design once you want to replace it. The simple design will also make it easier for people to read the message. Appreciate the writing and the effort you have put in. 

2. Monotone 

Colour is an important thing that must be in everything, especially greeting cards. With colour, there will be its own interesting characteristics from the piece of paper. Colour also gives you more space to be creative. Not only are the greeting card designs in colour, but you can also use the writing in other colours besides black. Unlike the case with greeting cards which are only black and white (which harder to find), that also will make the greeting card boring. Contrary to the purpose of a greeting card, which should convey a message with a fun vibe. And a fun vibe will only be obtained if you include colour on the greeting card. 

3. Choose Low-Quality Material 

This might be simple, but it will greatly affect how your recipients perceive it. There are various types of paper or other materials that you can use for your greeting card. One thing that is important for you to know is that choosing a low card type will also make you need to re-purchase in the future. Because usually, low-quality materials will change their colour and strength over a certain period of time. Whereas if you purchase a good quality card, it will save you in the long run, and greatly appreciated by the recipients. 

4. Not Picking the Right Time and The Right Moment. 

You need to make greeting cards at the right time. There are several types of greeting cards that are written directly. A kind of preset, so you only need to write the name of the recipient. This type of card will be good for those of you who like simple and fast. However, if you don’t really pay attention to the content of the greeting card, then the opposite will happen. Therefore, be mindful of what you write, including knowing what time and moment to celebrate.