4 Important Questions Regarding Wax Sealing

In the past, wax sealing was an important finish for letters that were meant to be sent through mails or get delivered to their recipients. A custom wax seal secures the envelope and makes sure that it will be able to be delivered safely to the person who is meant to receive it. Other than safety reasons, a wax seal also provides a mark of authenticity where people can confirm the originality of the letter for its specific logo or mark that is left on the wax by a seal. Usually, this mark is unique.

Since now sending out physical letters is quite uncommon, wax sealing is more popular as crafts or decoration. Many people are still quite interested in wax sealing and if you are one of them, some of your questions may be included in the article below. Read more to know further about wax sealing.

Where Can I Use Wax Seal?

You can use it almost on any surface, depending on the type of wax you use. Since waxes have different characteristics, you have to know which one that works on a certain type of surface so that you can get the best outcome possible. For example, you have to consider a wax that is more flexible compared to the others for surfaces that are curved.

How Does Wax Sealing Work?

What you need for wax sealing is wax, a heat source, and a tool to apply the melted wax such as a glue gun or a wax spoon. Basically, you have to melt the wax first. After it is melted, then you can pour it onto the surface you want. Before it completely hardens, you have to stamp it to leave your own unique mark on your wax seal. After the wax has fully cooled down, you can lift up your stamp and get the result. You can be creative with it, for example adding glitters or any other decorative items.

3. Where to Get Wax Sealing Equipments?

As mentioned before, you most likely need a glue gun, a wax spoon, and a stamp itself. Usually, glue guns and wax spoon can be found in the craft shop. For stamps, some places sell pre-made stamps. However, if you want to make it more personal, you can design it on your own and have a stamp manufacturer produce your stamp.

4. What is the Best Wax Type?

There’s no such thing as the best type of wax in general. Each type of wax is good for specific purposes. You have to learn which one is the best for which paper or surface, as each wax usually has different characteristics and compatibility with the tool. For example, stick waxes are good for glue guns, but they aren’t very good for a wax spoon. Another example is that a nonwick wax is better to be used for a wax spoon, but it is not very compatible with the glue gun. Try to explore as much as you can and get familiar with them.